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Mac Mail automation

mac mail
Since the Yosemite update a few days back, I decided to give Mac Mail another chance. One really annoying thing that I had to face right from the beginning was the lack of a keyboard shortcut for a “must” option to “Erase Deleted Items” “In All Accounts…” (quoting the menu options). There is an incre [...]

eHealth made simple

I have recently finished developing a simple eHealth project that includes a health sensor kit and an iOS 8 app published through the App Store. The project is called ‘i-Health’ for all the known reasons. The application offers a live medical monitoring mechanism that is able to provide live health data from a remote location (a p [...]

Mass-delete photos on the iPhone (iOS...

Preview > Import iPhone Photos
The only way that I found to delete multiple photos from the iPhone (iOS 7) without having to select them one-by-one or, at best, ‘Moment’-wise, was to use Preview on my mac! Preview has a magical option in the ‘File’ menu which is called ‘Import from iPhone…‘. This option opens a window showing all [...]

Virtual world launched

virtualworlds website
It has been many years working on digitization, reconstruction and virtual world applications; tested and used various techniques covering almost all aspects in the digital recording workflow. In the recent past years our team has been successfully engaged in a very productive workflow regarding digitization and reconstruction in 3D. Specific [...]

Geometric transformation of images (M...

A straightforward approach to do geometric image transformations using MATLAB is to take advantage of the imtransform function available. First the image is supposed to be within a ‘unity’ rectangle and initial transformation conditions are defined accordingly: udata = [0 1]; vdata = [0 1]; fill_color = 128; org_rect = [0 0; [...]

Cancel automated (pre-approved) PayPa...

I have already kept a note on the procedures needed to cancel a pre-approved or automated PayPal payment in a post regarding Skype but this is a more general problem and I need to remember… Walk through the menus as follows: My account > Profile > My Money > My preapproved payments > Update Here are all the billing agreements that third [...]

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